Study conducted under the 1999 Schuette-Lihotzky Project Scholarship,
granted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Art to Escape*spHere

project: intervention in urban space
location: Capistranstiege - a public staircase in Vienna's 6th district

// The intervention we have designed is to upgrade the option of walking from the Wienzeile/ Naschmarkt area to Mariahilferstrasse. "We" focus on the Capistranstiege, regarding the public staircase as a critical element of the urban space in this area, and transform the mere through_space to a place that invites the passer-by to linger for a while, watching, observing. The installation's structure is meant to provide a three-dimensional situation that "mediates" between the scale of the individual passer-by and the tremendous heights reached by the surrounding buildings due to topographic conditions in this part of the city. "We" regard our intervention as a way to activate the urban condition.

The project's title, stadtMOBILE, expresses the concept of a mobile forming part of the urban environment, alluding to the proposed intervention's playful character. Stopping on the way and observing for a while - this option is to be regained for the public space. In this context, the mobile has the purpose of counterbalancing linear, targeted movement from A to B by providing a place to stand still and observe.