//Smart Environments

Design processes displayed in virtual information architecture
exhibition, LOOSHAUS, may 8th - june 26th 2002
in co-operation with Unit-F, Büro für Mode (curators) and Orhan Kipcak (virtual information architecture)

"In the past, shoes could stink.
In the present, shoes can blink.
In the future, shoes will think."
     'Things That Think-Lab', MIT, Boston, Massachusetts

In the virtual exhibition SMART ENVIRONMENT the visitor becomes familiarised with the theme of design processes and digital aesthetics of intelligent products without the direct meeting with the classical object . He visits the conventional presentation area, but only to find through that space a purely virtually prepared exhibition. The architectural space appears firstly in its original, mediating function decoupled. The virtual information architecture transfers the task of a spatially differentiated presentation surface, through which one gets referred to the high complexity of today's production conditions in product Design and fashion. The requirement of ESCAPE*spHERE deals with strategies of a contentwise feedback - the architectural space develops into a three-dimensional interface. It offers the visitor an accessible landscape and introduces parameters of physical distance and proximity conveying the transfer of knowledge. The exhibition visitor meets in the existing exhibition space a spatially curved ribbon structure, which constitutes a three-dimensional guiding system and which mediates gradually between reserved, collective, more intimate and individual information processing.

THE ENDLESS RIBBON: THREE DIMENSIONAL INTERFACE experience of information: information will be passed through the three-dimensional landscape in different ways. (near and far spaces)