first prize of the invited competition
for the restructuring of the EGA
   - Vienna, female cultural institution
location: Windmuehlgasse, 6. district, Vienna
cooperation: architect Martin Kunath

//egaNOW - a new Identity

Ideas for a future-oriented identity for ega have been derived from the institution’s present and future programmatic position. The strategic potential inherent in architectural interventions and all approaches to reorganisation follow the underlying objective of rendering ega more open and communicative in the urban context while simultaneously allowing it to remain serenely centred in itself as a semi-public infrastructure facility. ega is to be given a new identity that also calls for a contemporary and committed approach to women-specific contents and issues.

In this context the architectural structure and the reorganisation of the existing premises are regarded as active and dynamic moments rather than manifests of potential change. The new premises comprise a public bar with an integrated space that opens directly to the front area facing the road and is equally used for women-specific art events. ega is an institution that focuses on women’s issues, but the new structure enables it to address a broader target group and to attract not only seminar participants but also passers-by and others who might be interested in the new location.

Photo: street facade© Pez Heiduk