Installation at the Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna, April 2000
Title: "A Foot in the Door"
Curator: Jan Tabor
(in Celtic mythology, Avalon is the resting place of kings and heroes after their death; the term entered into the Arthurian legend of ancient France as the "blissful otherworld ")

// During the week the flat is only used as a place to sleep. Sleeping means dreaming, dreaming means freedom, everything is possible, life becomes colorful, beautiful, cheerful and bright, and all this becomes pure reality just for a second. At the same time, dreaming means being followed by daily life and experiences, which resurface in a seemingly random mix, produced, as it were, by the shuffle button of a CD-player. Objectively measured, the reality of a dream is but a story in fast forward, at hardly imaginable speed; the subjective reality as perceived by the dreamer, however, is a story of nearly infinite duration, and telling the plot to takes so much longer than the dream's objective length, measured in seconds and minutes. Time concepts lose their validity, mix, and merge; the general diffuseness is expressed both in images and in time.

The installation consists of a transparent pneumatic structure forming a space within a door frame. The door space is not only defined by the physical presence of the transparent fabric but also through a sound installation: a loop of water and fire, followed by a brief spell of silence, then again water merging into fire, etc...